Featured EcoNest Affiliate: Will Prull

Interview By Paula Baker-Laporte

When Will Prull signed on to become an EcoNest Affiliate I was not surprised, but I was thrilled! Will and I have been working together for over 25 years. In 1985 we first collaborated on a number of modest passive solar homes which launched both of our careers. Many years later when I began to explore healthy homes, William was both receptive and patient above and beyond the call of duty. He and his team quickly developed expertise in this pioneering field.

As we began to develop the concept of the EcoNest Affiliate; a network of talented builders trained in the EcoNest system of building, Will was one of the first to step up to this plate. He is the embodiment of the qualities we are seeking; experience, high craftsmanship, integrity, an ability to truly listen to his clients and a desire to make a significant contribution to health and ecology in his work. Will now has 3 beautiful EcoNests under his belt!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Will for our newsletter. As we visited we touched on a number of subjects…

Paula: What have you enjoyed most about the EcoNests you have done?

Will: I look forward to eventually building one for myself! These buildings are gratifying to me as a craftsman. The materials are interactive and come alive in the hands of the artisan. They are really a very well-thought out, sophisticated and holistic expression of health, ecology and the art of building.

Paula: How would you characterize the EcoNest client?

Will: EcoNests attract a really special client. These are people who have given a lot of thought to what their homes mean to them. I tell interested folks that building an EcoNest is a lifestyle decision just like eating healthy, organic food or having a garden. I have found my EcoNest clients to be engaged and immersed in the process and I really like that. A real and creative partnership happens between builder and owner.

Paula: Can you comment on surviving as a builder in the current economy?

Will: The time between September of 2008 and spring of 2010 have been the most challenging in my 30 years of business. I have worked all these years and now, at the peak of knowledge, experience and reputation, and with a new-found perseverance, I am doing well. Not everyone has been as fortunate.  If you didn’t build a business on quality, you aren’t in the game anymore! In the Santa Fe area 1/3 of the general contractors are now out of business, long-time businesses servicing the industry have closed or consolidated. I see a 25-40% unemployment rate in the construction industry and it looks like the housing market continues to stagnate.

I remain cautiously optimistic. The phone is beginning to ring again! There are still people out there who need good homes.