newsShow House Santa Fe has taken its place in Santa Fe’s calendar of important annual arts events that attract both locals and visitors. In keeping with our designation as a UNESCO Creative City for Design, our talented 20 plus interior designers and landscape architect bring their ideas and accomplishments to a broad audience, showcasing for the world the preeminence of Santa Fe as a place of innovation and a source of design inspiration.

When Santa Fe Style first entered the consciousness of the art and design world in the 1980s, it delighted people with its warmth, livability, and adaptability. The sensual contours of adobe and the earthy appeal of vigas, kiva fireplaces, and expansive portales provided an inviting backdrop for interior designs ranging from antique Victorian to cutting-edge minimalism. Characterized by a reverence for natural materials, skilled craftsmanship, and an ancient aesthetic, the style quickly became emblematic of the region.

Show House 2014’s theme, Ancient-Future, recognizes the enduring influence of Santa Fe Style while embracing innovation and the unique needs of our evolving lifestyles. We honor the timeless elements of the past—wood, stone, and adobe—along with the striking design elements that remain contemporary even after hundreds of years, but we also incorporate new materials and blend them seamlessly to create an appealing vision of modern life in an ancient setting.

With this updated and re-branded version of Santa Fe Style, what was once becoming a cliché now perpetuates the appeal of a continually evolving aesthetic that’s grounded in history but fully invested in a future that reinvents the style in exciting new ways.

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