As you approach this historic Eastside Traditional home, it immediately ruminates more as a Mediterranean villa, similar in age and majestic standing, though different in presentation. This remodeled home possesses a warm & cozy interior, rich in colors, textures, material and finishes that include decorative painted tiles woven into both the stucco, as well as prominent interior spaces, giving it a tranquil and serene seaside aura. Equally calming and spectacular are the lavish landscaped gardens reflecting in through the ample glass that adorn the entire multi-story home.

Most notable in this grand home is its deeply seductive, underground custom wood carved wine cellar, in addition to its plush media viewing theater and multiple car garage housing a notable collection of automobile trophy’s. Precious art and antiquities abound throughout the space. A lap pool sits prominently atop a rise, which drops dramatically off on one side, only to be juxtaposed to a soft pillowy cushion of green grass and flowing perennials on the other. Indeed, a work of art!

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