Located on the historic Eastside, this diamond in the rough was totally rejuvenated to not only correct the home’s outdated, energy inefficient condition, but also transform the entire look and feel of the existing structure. In addition to both the electrical and plumbing systems being 100% replaced, the archaic cast-iron radiator system was refurbished, the roof restored, and un-insulated exterior adobe walls coated in two inches of spray foam, followed by new stucco.

The kitchen benefited the most from the remodel, earning a raised roof, all-new appliances, custom cabinets and chevron patterned tile floor. New insulated windows showcase all of the dramatic changes in the project, delivering a charismatic home filled, literally and aesthetically, with light, warmth, and subtle contemporary touches.

awards2016 Excellence in Remodeling: Whole House RemodelpublicationsSanta Fean – June/July 2016 – Artfully UpdatedtestimonialJudith and I selected Prull because they had won the "Contractor of the Year" award for several years. Before we contracted for a major remodeling with them, we were invited to Prull's Christmas party, with all of their recent clients. I was amazed that any contractor could put all of his clients together and create a joyous environment. It was a good omen for our relationship. As our work began, our project manager was attentive to our wishes, intelligent in dealing with issues that inevitably arise in remodeling and committed to our schedule. Prull stood behind their work and did not depart until we were satisfied that the job was completed. Today, two years later, we would give Prull our highest recommendation.
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