Perched above the velvety green links, with exquisite southwestern high desert terrain surrounding, this home nestles serenely and solidly in the earth. Possessing clean rectilinear lines, it unites the past with the present, fusing Pueblo Revival design, with more contemporary finishes and materials, replacing wood with steel, and small window openings with large extensive panels of glass that soak the house in sunlight, seamlessly allowing passageway from front entry to back portal. Indoor/outdoor fireplaces warm the minimalist, yet supple, accessorizing, further romanticizing the overall ambiance. Large format porcelain tile interior floors effortlessly transition to honed concrete exterior, complete with expansive motor-court, presenting the home in a majestic manner as one arrives. Level 5 drywall interior finishes deliver a perfectly clean appearance throughout, allowing the art to pop, with exquisite showcasing. A custom hot rolled steel courtyard gate offers a dramatic touch, leading up to the intimidating 10 foot solid walnut entry door, providing the most pleasing aesthetic in which to enter and immediately feel at home.

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