Indoor/outdoor living at its finest, this home perfectly fits the phrase…’Home is where the heart is’! With seamless passage between interior and exterior, from covered to exposed portals to rooftop sundeck, each space has a place and sense of purpose. Designed in a Traditional vernacular with Spanish influences, the ‘open courtyard concept’ makes one feel immediately at home in an authentic environment, whether in New Mexico or Mexico. Embracing the family inwardly, it also simultaneously opens up to the great outdoors, surrounded by lushly landscaped gardens and natural terrain. Utilizing a diverse selection of hard materials, including stone, brick, wood and metal, it also possesses extreme warmth in its interior, between creamy plaster finishes, soft curves and coved viga ceilings. The numerous fireplaces, each distinct in design, by room, serve as the anchor to it’s gathering. Deeply carved nichos adorn both the interior hallways and up the outdoor stairs, displaying authentic works of art. This special home never ceases to amaze or delight its audience, consistently delivering a sense of wonderment and tranquility, nestled in between beautiful open skies and warm dense earth.

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