Canyon Road

DCF 1.0Canyon Road is the art district in Northern New Mexico. Hundreds of art galleries, studios and spaces exhibit a wide range of arts from antiquities, traditional, modern, Hispanic, Native American, regional contemporary art, international folk art and international contemporary art.

Canyon Road had its beginnings as a residential neighborhood. Houses built in the Pueblo Revival style, in accordance with the local Hispanic and Pueblo culture were constructed using adobe walls, courtyards and were typically compounds for large or extended families. As a long, narrow, winding road that ends at the feet of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, artists have been drawn to Canyon Road which eventually became a hub for the subculture. Over the years as Santa Fe has grown and become more of a tourist destination, Canyon Road is known throughout the world. One of the most famous events that annually occur on Canyon Road is the Christmas Eve Faralito Walk. As the sun begins to set on Christmas Eve, locals and tourists alike gather on the street that has been lined with “faralitos,” small paper bags elegantly lit with candles. Carols and hot cider along with the childhood thrill of Christmas fill the streets.