William “Will” G. Prull
President & Partner/Owner
Will Prull forged a love for building at the early age of 16 in Martinsville, NJ, working in local hardware stores, and eventually elevating to working alongside local contractors. He later moved on to advanced studies in Construction Industries in Eugene, OR, where he discovered a love for woodworking and cabinetry. He became a permanent resident of the Santa Fe community in 1979, opening his own remodeling company in 1981, which was soon followed by building custom homes. As a pioneer in the green building movement, he began building passive solar homes in 1984. Since then, the size, complexity, and difficulty of his projects have exponentially grown, along with the expertise of his expanding group of skilled supervisors and professional office staff.

Jodi L. Vevoda
Executive Vice President & Partner/Owner
Jodi joined the company in 2015 overseeing the marketing, advertising, and promotion arm of the business. Having both a design degree, and 34-year career in national magazines, working for top publishing companies, Conde Nast, Time Inc., USA Today, Parade & Playboy Enterprises, she brings a wealth of sales and client development experience to the positioning of the business. Additional key responsibilities include the hiring and recruiting of talent, along with serving as brand ambassador to the community.

Together, Will & Jodi, husband/wife, lead their team of highly assembled professionals to new heights of building ingenuity.

Masters of Craftsmanship
Award-winning, Prull Custom Builders, has been building, restoring and remodeling architect designed homes and buildings in Santa Fe for over 42 years. We are locally owned, and operated, well respected by the Santa Fe community, and well regarded for our high professional standards and attention to detail. The hallmarks of our reputation are uncompromising commitment to impeccable quality, customer service, and unwavering integrity.

Combining artistic skills, with professional construction management, fine craftsmanship, and state of the art technical ingenuity, our team of seasoned professionals provides over two hundred years of combined construction management experience. We are well versed and trained in bringing your project in on-budget, and on-time, regardless of size or complexity.

Prull Custom Builders is an active and respected member of the Santa Fe building community. We have been recognized with numerous awards during our 42 year history, as well as being published in numerous books and magazines.

Whether your project is large or small, it will receive the same renowned attention to detail, with exceptional customer service.

Versatile and Principled
One of the notable aspects of Prull Custom Builders is our ability to work at the highest level, regardless of style, design or building type. We have built beautiful award-winning homes expressed in Pueblo Revival, Territorial, and Contemporary architecture. We work with a variety of building materials, and methods. In addition, we have the expertise to work with technically advanced designs, complex structural and mechanical systems, and challenging, steep or rocky building sites. Over the years we have been on the leading edge of the solar, green, and healthy home building movements.

Over the past 40 years we have forged strong relationships with Santa Fe’s best architects, interior designers, and craftsmen. Our clients rely on us, and our extensive network of adept building professionals, to create the finest homes possible.

Our end-goal is to have you not only love your new home, but remember the building process as a rich and creative experience.

Attention to Detail
On each of our projects we work closely with a team of architects, interior designers, suppliers, and fine craftsmen to masterfully create the home of your dreams. Our well known attention to detail, and uncompromising standards, is achieved on each and every home by continual communication and documentation.

We provide on-site supervision, and management expertise, to assure that the highest standards of quality construction are consistently achieved. From years of experience, we have developed the methods, and systems, necessary to consistently build award-winning homes. This track record, and dependability, is a hallmark of our work and a source of pride for everyone associated with Prull Custom Builders.

Additionally, the orientation to detail that we bring to building custom homes also extends to our office and accounting services. Utilizing sophisticated project management software, we provide accurate and timely contracts, accounting spreadsheets, detailed billing information and job reports. We track with accuracy, and timeliness, all necessary insurance, and regulatory requirements, for both our company and our subcontractors. Our clients are assured that the business of building a custom home is as transparent, precise, and detailed, as the finished product.

Contact Information
Please contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment to discuss your building project. We are here to assist you in realizing your dream. Please call 505.438.8005 or send us an EMAIL.

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