Design tends to ebb and flow in Santa Fe.

Whether Traditional design, commonly referred to as ‘Santa Fe Style’ or Contemporary, allowing the land to open to the sky, the devil is in the details in setting the tone and casting the magic.


Traditional represents the most authentic and purest connection to Santa Fe and its roots; embodied in this more general term, melding Native American with Spanish architectural influences, it represents a number of distinctive & characteristic forms of expression ranging from Adobe Revival to Territorial Revival to Spanish Pueblo and Spanish Colonial Revival, rising up unobtrusively throughout the landscape with soft round curves, traditional flat roofs, large wooden vigas and rustic kiva fireplaces. Large expansive open porches, called portals, grace the exteriors, soaking in the natural beauty that abounds in this panoramic haven. Built with natural materials such as stucco, adobe and wood, and finished in earthen clay tones, each structure is lovingly crafted and firmly rooted between sky & earth.


Contemporary Design, on the other hand, is currently the most sought-after form of architecture, as a result of the panoramic views that take in an ever-changing landscape of light, terrain and sky. The structural elements built into the ground not only require a respect for the sacred earth in which they take root, but also rise up to pay homage to the natural beauty that abounds. In this case, glass & steel prevail, in addition to custom elements that provide clean, crisp lines in which to not interfere, nor distract, from the exterior surroundings.